We turn your screenplay into a fully produced audio book.


Are you tired of having your screenplay rejected by some kid intern that wouldn't know a good story if it walked up beside him, sat down and said, "Hey, I'm a good story?" Why not try another option?

Do you know what sells screenplays? Marketability. Meaning, does the producer believe he can gain an audience for your story.

The problem? Most screenplays have never been heard of by anyone other than you, your mother, and some intern that was hired as a reader in the producers office where you sent your script. Therefore, your screenplay has no audience. 

That is where we come in. Same Shirt Audio takes your screenplay and produces it into an audio book. Not just any audio book with a boring narrator and some cheesy sound effects. We take your story and make it come alive through multiple voice actors, full sound effects, and a full musical soundtrack.

Which is better?

1. A script that has no audience or

2. A script that has been listened to thousands of times and has developed a thriving fan base.

If you pick option 2 then submit your script by clicking the link below.




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